Youth (12 - 16 Years) Curriculum Belt Rank Requirements

White Belt (Youth)
The White Belt represents Novice Status. The White Belt is awarded when a student has learned a set of basic skills from the core curriculum and has established a good order of practice and has demonstrated consistency with the Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta 

Yellow Belt (Youth)

  • Bai He Quan (White Crane Boxing)
    • Green Stripe 1: Yan Qing Quan Er
    • Green Stripe 2: Yan Qing Quan Yi
    • Green Stripe 3: Lian Zhi Chui (Linking Fist)

Green Belt (Youth)

  • Pan Long Gun (Coiling Dragon Staff)
    • Brown Stripe 1: Tang Lang Shou (Mantis Hands)
    • Brown Stripe 2: Xiao Hu Yan (Small Tiger and Swallow)
    • Brown Stripe 3: Si Lu Mei Hua Dao (Plum Blossom Broadsword)

Brown Belt (Youth)

  • Black Stripe 1: Er Lu Changquan (2nd Road Long Fist Boxing)
    • Xiao Liu He Qiang (Six Harmonies Spear)
    • Black Stripe 2: Si Lu Ben Da (Four Direction Strike)
    • Black Stripe 3: Chi Tu Gan Yue Jian (Red Rabbit Chases the Moon Sword)

Each rank level has increasing skill requirements for:

  • Kicks
  • Punches
  • Falls
  • Throws
  • Joint Locks
  • Drills
  • Staff Drills
  • Sparring

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