Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta

Our Vision:  Help our students gain peace of mind, confidence, robust health and longevity by cultivating their knowledge and skills in the Ching Yi Kung Fu system that was given to us by our Grand Master Dr. Her Yue Wong. We measure our success by the benefits our students earn and by honoring our school values in everything we do.

Our Values

  1. Integrity – We are ethical in all things and hold to a benevolent moral standard.

  2. Respect – We treat ourselves and others with dignity, respect, honesty and sensitivity.

  3. Humility - We demonstrate humility and intellectual honesty in all our endeavors.

  4. Accountability – We are accountable for our actions and that for which we are responsible.

  5. Self-Actualization – We practice Ching Yi Kung Fu for peace of mind, self-confidence, robust health and longevity.

Dr. Her Yue Wong

Grand Master and Founder of the Ching Yi Kung Fu Association