Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta

Tángláng Quán. Translation: Praying Mantis Boxing

Tanglang Quan or Praying Mantis Kung Fu features skills in short, middle, and long range kicking, trapping skills, middle and close range hand techniques, joint locks, pressure point strikes, throws, and more.

Master Wong Long, the legendary originator of the northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu system, is said to have combined the best of several existing Shaolin styles while including principles and techniques derived from studying the praying mantis insect.

The Ching Yi Kung Fu Atlanta black belt curriculum features Chángquán (long fist) style Tángláng Quán.  Post black belt training emphasizes the Tàijí Méihuā Tángláng Quán (Grand Ultimate Plum Flower) style of Praying Mantis Boxing.

Head Instructor Dr. Mark Van Schuyver performing Tanglang Quan (Praying Mantis Kung Fu)