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Master Dr. Her Yue Wong in his younger days performing Taiji Quan

Tàijí Quán (Tai Chi Chuan) Translation: Supreme Ultimate Boxing

Often called “meditation in motion,” Tàijí Quán is characterized by slow, rhythmic, relaxed movements and is widely known for its health benefits. In fact, it has become increasingly popular in the West merely as a form of exercise therapy to reduce stress, lose weight, lower blood pressure, and promote general health and well being.

However, taught in its entirety, Taiji Quan is a very powerful and effective martial art. Taiji masters of old possessed extraordinary strength and fighting skills, and many made their living as professional bodyguards or security escorts.

Taiji Quan is the physical manifestation of the “Yin and Yang” cosmology, commonly illustrated as the intertwined dark and light halves of a circle. In Chinese, this combination of the Yin (dark, passive, feminine) and the Yang (bright, active, masculine) is called the Taiji “Grand Terminus,” or “Supreme Ultimate."-
Ching Yi Kung Fu Association

The style of Taiji Quan taught at Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta is Yang Style.