Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta

Brian Beard is a Ching Yi Kung Fu practitioner and assistant to the instructors at Ching Yi Kung Fu – Atlanta.

Florissant, Missouri is where Mr. Beard was born but he grew up mostly in Melbourne, Florida. He received his training as a Physical Therapist from Athens Technical College and Northern Arizona University.

Mr. Beard began his martial arts journey as a teenager.  Over the years he studied Tae Kwon Do and American Karate.  He began training at Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta in September of 2015. Mr. Beard is a member of the Dao Li Jiao (Way of Reason school of Daoism) that was founded by Grand Master, Dr. Her Yue Wong in January of 2001.

Physical Therapy is Mr. Beard’s full time occupation.  He also plays guitar professionally and has done so for over two decades. Mr. Beard teaches Taiji Quan to seniors and patients in collaboration with Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta at the Atlanta Rehab Clinic, 2400-A Wisteria Drive, Snellville.