Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta

Louis Adkins is a Ching Yi Kung Fu Association 1st Degree Black Belt and certified CYKFA Instructor (Lăoshī ). Laoshi Adkins is a Senior Instructor at Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta.

Louis Adkins was born in Piedmont, Alabama. In the early 90's, at the age of 24, he moved to Georgia and began his martial arts training at the Center of Daoist Arts where he studied Northern Shaolin. Over the years Laoshi Adkins participated in many tournaments.  His first victory was at the Battle of  Atlanta in the early 1990s. 

Later Laoshi Adkins joined the Chinese Kung Fu Academy of Atlanta and studied Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  Then he studied Hop Gar Kung Fu at Hop Gar Kung Fu of Atlanta.  He also trained in the arts of Xing Yi Quan and different Qigong systems at Paths Atlanta Kung Fu.

Laoshi Adkins began training at Ching Yi Kung Fu - Atlanta in April of 2012 specializing in Xingyi Quan and Qigong. Laoshi Adkins is a member of the Dao Li Jiao (Way of Reason School of Taoism).       

Donald Louis Adkins - Laoshi, Black Belt 1st Degree